Do you know how easy it is to start a clothing brand?


Your grandma can screen-print a logo on a piece of clothing & sell it. 


BUT... Did you know that the MAJORITY of clothing brands just COPY made-to order gear from the supplier with their logo slapped on it? That takes no effort.


WE ARE DIFFERENT: We build our products from the ground up. We discuss & test custom material blends, functional aspects, & gather several samples before rolling out our products. Our design team uses high-tech 3D models to help with building our activewear & assist in communication with suppliers along the way, so we can make our products premium. 


At BodCraft, you will never have to scroll through endless pages of mediocre products. Instead we give you a simple, yet premium selection of activewear that gets the job done right. 


Being former high-level athletes, we truly know what high-quality activewear is supposed to look & feel like. BodCraft is Created By Athletes for Athletes.


Stop wearing cheap, copied activewear; START ROCKING BODCRAFT.