BodCraft Ai1 Backpack - Sand

The GBOAT (Greatest Backpack of All Time). Heavy duty, built to fit EVERYTHING. 2 Outer Layers with Leather finish, including a non-stink compartment exclusively built for an extra pair of shoes; this backpack has EVERYTHING you’re looking for. You will never need another backpack.
The only problem you’ll have buying this backpack is the crowd of people following you around the airport asking where you got it.

Great for: Travel, Gym Bag, Hiking

  • Made out of the Highest Quality Medium Grain Pu Leather, 5MM thick Foam & Polyester.
  • Anit-Odor/Microbial Silver Thread Functional Finishing.
  • Full Mesh Tricot Wrap Knit Textile Straps.
  • Elastic Compression Strap System. 
  • Nickel Free Pin Lock Zipper .
  • Foam Lined Custom Mold Laminated Back Padding.
  • Anti-Microbial Silver Thread Lined Non-Stink Shoe Compartment.
  • Compartments built for Shoes, Laptop, Gym Clothing, Supplements, & More.


Full Bag - 18.5in x 12in X 8in 

Built In Shoe Pocket - 14in X 12in X 7in

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