Zoom Origin Performance Shorts - Yale Blue - Bodcraft

Origin Performance Shorts - Yale Blue

The Squat Max short. You don’t wear baggy basketball shorts to squat max. You wear a radical-stretch, above the knee kit that propels you through full range of motion. This is what squat performance looks like. 

Great for: Squatting, HIIT Training, CrossFit


  • Made out of high-quality elastane & polyester.
  • 4-way stretch for all movements.
  • Concealed zippers for pockets. 
  • 6-inch inseam for the perfect leg day routine. 
  • Elastic band and drawstrings for a flexible fit.
  • Thin GSM for a lightweight feel.


Washing Directions

  • Machine wash cold, inside out.
  • Hang dry.





Origin Performance Shorts - Yale Blue - Bodcraft

Origin Performance Shorts - Yale Blue


Customer Reviews

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Best Workout shorts in the Market

Love this shorts length and flexibility! 100% recommend

Issa Match!

For years, I have traveled the earth searching for the perfect shorts, and these may be it. I have tried many brands, ranging from Lulu, Nike, Rhone, etc... These shorts blow them ALL out-of-the-water.

Fit? Perfect- not too snug, flexible band. I feel like I can move without ripping a new one.

Look? Stunning.

Feel? Lightweight, comfortable.

They feel durable so far, so hoping they hold up! Fingers crossed.

I will never go back to Nike shorts

Okay. Please hear me out. These shorts are probably the best thing to ever happen to activewear. I don’t really know how I stumbled upon BodCraft, but seeing the basically 100% 5 star reviews, I figured I would give them a try. They did not only deliver, but they are making me question why I ever liked my other shorts. I bought every single color of these shorts. If they came out with 80 more colors, I would buy them up & throw away my other stuff. Absolutely stunned by the quality!

My New Fav Shorts

I can’t get enough of these shorts, but this blue color is my favorite. Very unique & have gotten many compliments while working out!

Never Wearing Nike Shorts Again

Okay. Hear me out. These are the best thing that has ever happened to activewear. I don’t know how I really stumbled upon BodCraft, but I got here nonetheless & I am forever changed. I know this probably sounds a little extreme, but these are the BEST shorts I have ever purchased. They are stylish, comfortable, lightweight, & absolutely live up to the hype. I bought every single color available in my size, & if BodCraft offered 80 more colors I would buy them up & throw away the rest of my Nike. BodCraft, you just gained a HUGE fan!