Total War Endgame Graphic Print SweatShort - King’s Gold


Introducing Total War Endgame Graphic Print SweatShorts - King's Gold

The Designer Sweat Short. These shorts are built for MAX comfort. Designed for maximum comfort & functionality on those earned days off.

Great for: Lounging, Cooldown Days


  • Made out of high-quality cotton & polyester.
  • Seam Aligned Slip Pocket with Welt Cover
  • Interlock Weft Knit Construction. 
  • 6-inch inseam. 
  • Ang ulnar Split Overlapping Hem Detail.
  • Repeating Pattern Print Detail.

Washing Directions

  • Machine wash cold, inside out.
  • Hang dry.

Are you ready to conquer the battlefield in style? Look no further than Total War Endgame Graphic Print SweatShorts - King's Gold. These sweatshorts are the ultimate fashion statement for gamers and history buffs alike, with a unique graphic print inspired by the popular Total War franchise.

But these sweatshorts aren't just about style - they're also designed for maximum comfort during long gaming sessions. Made with 100% cotton, these sweatshorts are breathable and soft, while the elastic waistband and drawstrings ensure a perfect fit for any body type.

The Total War Endgame Graphic Print SweatShorts - King's Gold are the perfect addition to any gamer's wardrobe. Whether you're planning a marathon gaming session or just chilling at home, these sweatshorts will make you look and feel like a king.

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