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“Gym clothes” used to be confined to the gym, but athleisure has blurred the lines between comfort and functionality. However, what you wear for your workout really matters. Some gear may look like it was made for serious workouts but functions better as casual wear. BodCraft makes custom athletic clothes for women and men that function with such comfort you’ll want to live in them—in and out of the gym.

When you select your workout clothes, you don’t have to compromise. You can find the best athletic clothes for men and women from BodCraft, clothes with the comfort and style you need to run a few errands but with the serious functionality, you deserve while working out. Because choosing quality workout clothes can affect how you perform in the gym, we break down just what you need to make your training the best it can be.

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The Right Workout Clothes Can Improve Your Training

Quality workout gear can offer a lot of physical benefits to improve your workout. Selecting the right gear can mean the difference between being your best and underperforming. BodCraft uniquely designs each piece of athletic clothes for women and men to give your training the edge it deserves:

  • Regulates temperature: The best athletic wear for men and women originates with BodCraft and promotes your body’s natural process for cooling. You sweat while working out, which is how your body cools down, but for this process to work, the sweat needs to evaporate. and the moisture-wicking properties of your athletic gear further that process.

If the sweat stays on your skin, you continue to heat up, which affects your heart rate, can cause muscle cramps, and make you dizzy. By selecting quality athletic wear, you help your body regulate its temperature because sweat-wicking material allows the sweat to make its way through the fabric where it can evaporate.

Layering up in the winter can severely diminish your body’s ability to cool down, but using several layers of quality fitness gear means you can keep your muscles warm but your body cool, which helps you focus on working out without worrying about overheating.

  •  Prevents injuries: Compression material is a vital component of BodCraft’s athletic clothes for men and women and for good reason. Compression offers better blood flow—circulation—to your muscles, which means your muscles get the oxygen they need. When receiving less oxygen, your muscles experience fatigue, and if your muscles feel fatigued, your form, your posture, your core activation—everything you do to prevent injuries—suffers.

Compression also helps to reduce lactic acid buildup, which can make your muscles fatigued and sore the next day, but lactic acid begins building up while you’re working out and can affect you in the middle of an important set.

Your body uses oxygen for energy, and when you’re working out, your heart pumps more and more oxygen throughout your body. Sometimes, workouts require more energy at a faster pace than our hearts can pump it, so your body relies on another method of energy production—glycolysis.

Lactic acid builds simply as a by-product of the glycolic process. When you feel that burn during a heart-racing interval or set, you’re feeling the effects of glycolysis—lactic acid. That burn can make your muscles weak and impede your form, increasing your risk for injuries. Wearing gear made from quality material and built for compression ensures you get the compression you need for optimum oxygenation levels to reduce your risk of injuries.

  •  Allows flexibility and comfort: Your workout gear doesn’t have to be body-conscious to be flexible. Quality workout clothes give you a full range of motion for a variety of activities and never have you feeling restricted. Well-designed workout wear has you feeling comfortable while you train, so you can focus on your workout.

Comfort can’t be ignored when selecting your workout gear. If you wear clothes that don’t fit well or clothes that irritate your skin with cheap fabrics and tailoring, you may be tempted to skip a set or underperform because of the irritation. So you need to find workout clothes with high-quality fabrics and design.

Not all fitness clothes offer thoughtful tailoring and design, but BodCraft not only makes its clothes for athletes but also, the clothes are made by athletes. BodCraft ensures that each piece has the quality and comfort you need to successfully complete your workout without sacrificing style.

best men's workout clothes

The Best Athletic Clothes Can Improve Your Mindset

The phrase “dress for success” has been around for quite some time, but scientists now refer to it as enclothed cognition. You might just think of it as the Superman effect. Just like Clark Kent changes into his Superman gear and comes out a high-performing superhero, you can get the same mental boost with BodCraft’s athletic clothes for women and men designed by athletes.

Studies have shown that what you wear affects how you perform. When you’re dressed in the best workout gear for a grueling workout, your clothes help you walk into the gym with a positive, confident mindset. No matter how tough the workout gets, your clothes help you stay on task and motivated.

Knowing that you’re wearing quality workout gear from BodCraft can improve your motivation and confidence because you know you’re wearing clothes that work with your body’s natural cooling system, gives the light compression you need for great circulation, and offers a flexible fit that gives you a full range of motion.

Choosing Quality Workout Gear

Understanding why you need to wear the best workout clothes is one thing—finding the best workout gear is another. However, BodCraft makes it simple. If you’re wanting the best workout clothes for high performance, then choose clothes made by high-performing athletes.

BodCraft athletic clothes are designed and tested by professional athletes. With maximum performance and comfort in mind, BodCraft customizes each element of its clothing to offer you a unique piece of high-performing athletic gear that doesn’t sacrifice style or quality.

Choosing the best workout clothes for your training means understanding your needs. If you need workout gear that offers durability, breathability, compression, and comfort then you need to choose next-level athletic gear by BodCraft.

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