In 2019, BodCraft was founded with the aim of offering something different in the activewear industry. Rather than following the trend of cutting corners by producing cheap, mass-produced items in overseas factories, we decided to innovate and create our own in-house designs for every product bearing the BodCraft logo. We utilized technology to develop our first collection and quickly realized that our approach was resonating with customers. This marked the beginning of BodCraft's story.

At BodCraft, we are athletes creating activewear for athletes. As former high-level athletes ourselves, we wanted to do something unique by partnering with professional athletes to design our gear. Every piece of our activewear is tested by these elite athletes before we bring it to the market. We firmly believe that if top-performing athletes endorse our activewear, our customers will love it too. Today, BodCraft is owned and operated by professional athletes who are committed to delivering the best quality activewear to our customers.

Another problem that we set out to solve when creating BodCraft was giving back to the community. We felt that the traditional approach of rounding up to donate to a random charity was not the best way to create a lasting impact. That's why we made a pledge to be different and lead the way in generosity. Rather than pressuring customers into donating at the end of every sale, we donate a portion of our revenue to the charity of our customers' choice. This approach ensures that our customers are actively engaged with the organizations we support, and together, we can make a significant difference in people's lives worldwide.

By supporting BodCraft, you are not only getting high-quality activewear but also contributing to charitable causes that aim to provide basic human needs and spread love through Christian-based non-profits.

Romans 12:6

Our Mission

Our Mission is to enable individuals to create lasting change by giving their all through charity & fitness.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to use the platform of fitness to provide life-changing aid both physically & spiritually, to people from all walks of life, in all corners of the world.