About Us 2

Our Story -

We opened the doors of BodCraft in 2019 to be a light in the Activewear Industry. With many companies simply passionate about profits, we are passionate about giving back. BodCraft is a company with a heart for others and a passion to make a difference in this world by using our unique gifts.

As former high-level athletes, we believe in producing the highest-quality activewear in the world & that our gear will be a platform for effectively showing the world the hope that we have in Jesus. 

When you support BodCraft, you are also supporting charities & missions around the world that help give others basic human needs & help spread God’s love through Christian-Based Non-Profits.

Romans 12:6 - "In His grace, God has given us different gifts. Let us use them.”


Our Mission -

Our Mission is to enable individuals to create lasting change by giving their all through charity & fitness.


Our Vision -

Our Vision is to use the platform of fitness to provide life-changing aid both physically & spiritually, to people from all walks of life, in all corners of the world.



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