How to Maintain Your Workout Momentum in the Fall Bodcraft

The seasons are changing, and that may require you to change up your routine. Depending on where you live, you may soon bring your workout indoors because of the cold or constant rain, or you may start working out in the open air, welcoming a cool break from the heat. Regardless of your circumstances, routines help us stay consistent, and when change comes, it can throw us off track from our goals.

When you’ve worked hard all summer to build momentum and make gains in your training, you don’t want a change to set you back. So this post helps you prepare for the change. Whether you need long sleeve athletic tops or tips to recharge your mental game, this post discusses all the ways you can make sure you maintain your momentum as the seasons change.

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Maintain the Right Mentality

Something about fall brings about a natural rhythm for change. From nature changing in dramatic fashion to the bustle of change you went through each year when preparing for school in the fall, this time of year begs for change. If you tend to avoid change or find that it throws you off your game, your mentality may be your first defense. Try these ideas to keep change positive:

  • Look for ways to welcome the change. Change can bring opportunity, not setbacks—you just have to look at it from the right perspective. When you can anticipate change, such as knowing that the mornings may be dark when you used to get up and run, you can plan around it. So start looking ahead and figuring out how your workouts might be impacted by the changes this autumn. Maybe you need to change the timing of your workouts or the location. Think about those factors now and look for new opportunities within the change. This might be a time you can try a new workout, a new gym, or see how a new time slot affects your workout.
  • Dress for success. No matter the season, you need to wear comfortable, breathable gym athletic wear. Whether you work out inside or outside, you need a workout plan that fits the season and clothing that can perform. With BodCraft gym wear clothing, you great looking clothes that offer a full range of motion and the sweat-wicking qualities you need to stay comfortable throughout your workout. BodCraft was made for athletes by athletes, and since competitive athletes don’t take a day off, neither will your hard-working gym athletic wear from BodCraft.
  • Schedule challenges now. If you struggle with your fitness mindset and motivation to work out when the season changes, look a few months ahead and find an event you can work toward. Whether it’s a mini-marathon, bike race, or other athletic competition, find an event now that will challenge you to push yourself through changes in your routine. If you plan to work out to participate in a challenging event, your mind will focus more on what you need to accomplish and less on the changes you’re encountering. A new competition may even require that you make changes to your routine, which makes maintaining your momentum from summer even simpler.
  • Get enough rest. It may sound counterintuitive to rest when you have workouts to finish and competitions you’re training for, but everyone needs sufficient rest. Rest helps your mind and body reset. Your body has so many complicated intricacies that go to work when you stop and rest, but because you can’t physically see them, it’s easy to overlook the need. Everyone at some time or another figures that they can go with less sleep, workout longer than normal, and not take that rest day as usual because they’re not meeting a goal. However, rest makes your body and mind stronger. So get the rest you need to maintain the mental and physical stamina required for your training.
  • Recognize seasonal depression and talk to your doctor. Even if you’re doing all the right things, you may feel disinterested in hanging out or even going to the gym, and you may shrug off these and other symptoms as simply lacking motivation. However, if you find yourself withdrawing, tired, and depressed, reach out and talk to your doctor. You may be suffering from seasonal affective disorder, otherwise called seasonal depression (SAD). Your doctor can help, so don’t overlook your symptoms or put off reaching out to your doctor to discuss them.

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Maintain Consistency While Rolling with the Changes

Maybe the weather is getting cooler and wetter and you find it takes you a bit longer to warm up let alone get out of bed. To continue the progress you’ve made over the summer, you need a plan, and you need to stick to it. When dealing with changing schedules and routines this fall, use these tips to stick to your fitness goals:

  • Check your goals and make sure they’re realistic. A great time to naturally assess your goals is when the seasons change. Since changing seasons often means changes in routines, you can check out your goals to ensure they’re realistic for your new habits. If your goal was to run every day at dawn, you may not be able to stick to that as the months progress through autumn. Running in the early morning may not allow you time to get ready and get to work. So see how you can adjust your goals or use new habits to meet your goals.
  • Be flexible and creative. When you create your workout schedule, add in some flexibility. Summer naturally has more freedom than fall and winter, especially if you have children in school or other obligations that heat up during a school year. You may be short on time so look for opportunities to think outside the box. Keep a set of gym athletic wear in your car. That way, if you had something come up that interfered with an earlier workout, you are ready to go later in the day. Plus, if you have to attend someone’s practice or sports activity, you can get in a cardio session or flexibility workout during warmup.

Plan ahead for change and look for opportunities to continue reaching your fitness goals. Change may disrupt your life, but it doesn’t have to disrupt your health and well-being. Keeping yourself on track requires plenty of rest, a solid plan, and high-quality gym wear clothing that supports your performance.

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