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Whether you work out in the midday heat of summer or have a gym in your garage, for many, summer provides a way to change the scenery a bit and finally get outdoors. However, working out during the summer presents a unique set of challenges, but you don’t have to let the sun and heat keep you inside as long as you wear the best athletic wear for men and women.

Just because you enjoy taking your routine outdoors and soaking up as much of the summer as possible doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the quality of your workout. Choosing the right athletic gear helps prevent overheating and uncomfortable chafing so that you can get the workout you need while enjoying the summer weather. This post gives you the factors to consider before you get ready for your next summer workout.

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Important Factors for Summer Workout Gear

When you’re thinking about taking your workout from the air-conditioned gym to an outdoor location, you may think twice when you consider the sun and heat. If you have the best athletic clothes for women and men, you can be confident that you can work out safely and effectively no matter what weather you encounter.

When shopping for your athletic gear, keep these important factors in mind:

  • Material: When you’re choosing the right gear for the heat outside—whether you need athletic shirts for men or complete women’s athletic outfits—you need to select clothes made to breathe and wick sweat from your skin. While cotton offers breathability, cotton athletic clothes can’t wick moisture from your skin, leaving the clothes damp and heavy when you work up a sweat.

    On the other hand, materials such as nylon and elastane offer the moisture-wicking properties and breathability you need to maintain a comfortable workout. Nylon works best at wicking moisture, and elastane offers some of the best breathability you can find. When you put these two powerhouse fabrics together, you get the best of both worlds, and you get workout gear that works for you.

    BodCraft only uses high-quality fabrics, such as nylon and elastane in their workout gear. With BodCraft, you get breathable, durable athletic clothes that can withstand even the most intense workouts. When you break a sweat, BodCraft clothing doesn’t let you down. With breathability and moisture-wicking under control, your BodCraft gear keeps you cool and your skin dry so you can work out hard no matter the weather conditions.

    Your breathable workout gear ensures that your clothing dries quickly as your workout intensifies so that your skin won’t suffer from irritation. Plus, wicking your sweat away means your body can do its job and regulate your temperature without the locked-in sweat causing you to overheat.
  • Fit: If you have the best fabrics for workouts, then you need to also select the best fit. High-quality workout gear doesn’t have extraneous seams or poor construction, which leads to ill-fitting, uncomfortable clothes. Instead, high-quality gear from BodCraft uses thoughtful construction and careful tailoring. Made for athletes by athletes, BodCraft ensures that each piece conforms to high standards with the athlete in mind. No matter what workout gear you choose, it should allow you to have a full range of motion.

    If your workout clothes don’t fit properly, it can impact your workout. Clothes that are too tight can cause pain in joint areas, such as your hips and knees, and can cause back pain. Depending on how tight the clothes are, you can experience circulation issues as well. When working out in the heat, hampering your circulation affects your body’s natural cooling system, causing you to dangerously overheat.
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  • Color: The colors you choose to work out in can make a difference during summer workouts. Light colors reflect the sun and heat while darker colors soak them in. If you want to be as cool as possible, stick to lighter colors during hot summer days. Even if your fabric is breathable, you can still trap in extra heat that affects your ability to stay cool when you wear dark-colored workout gear.
  • Accessories: Accessories can make all the difference during a summer workout. If you’re outside, take along a hat or visor to keep the sun off your face—breathable fabric works great on hats, just like clothes, to keep your head from getting too hot. Whether you’re in the sun or shade, easy-to-use water bottles that allow you to hydrate on the go are fundamental accessories for any summer workout. Sunscreen offers essential sun protection when you’re soaking up some rays during your workout, and a good pair of sunglasses can help take the glare off a sunny day.

How to Prepare for Summer Workouts

If you’ve been a competitive athlete, you know the power of preparation. Athletes and former athletes who have trained or competed outdoors understand that choosing the best athletic wear for men and women can go a long way in creating a great outdoor workout. However, you have more to consider than just your clothing choice when getting ready to work out in the summer heat and sun:

  • Hydration: You know you need to stay hydrated with your favorite workout drink regardless of the weather, but during the summer you can quickly become dehydrated even if you don’t find the heat oppressive. So be sure to drink plenty of water and stay aware of dehydration symptoms, such as feeling dizzy and lightheaded.
  • Timing and location: If you have the flexibility, avoid working out during the hottest part of the day, typically from noon to 3pm. You can easily check your hour-by-hour weather to keep tabs on the day’s temperature, humidity, and more so that you can choose your workout time for cooler parts of the day. If you don’t have a choice, try finding covered, shady locations or places where you can avoid as much sun and heat as possible.
  • Partner up: Whenever you exercise, having a partner makes the time fly by and often helps you push yourself farther. When you’re working out during the summer months though, having a partner means you have someone to reach out to when you notice signs that you might be pushing it in the heat. Athletes know how to push themselves, but signs of dehydration don’t feel like a tough workout: dizziness, lightheadedness, muscle cramps, and nausea can all signal dehydration. Check in with your partner throughout your workout to make sure you’re both feeling fine.

Getting outdoors and working out can feel freeing, especially if you live in a place with long winters, but you need to be sure you prep well. Not only can planning around the heat and packing enough hydration help but also making sure you wear breathable, durable, high-quality workout gear from BodCraft can ensure you keep your workouts intense and stay cool even in the heat of summer.

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